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Yale-NUS College is a fully residential liberal arts and sciences college in Singapore which is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between Yale University and the National University of Singapore. It was founded as an institution in 2011, and accepted its first cohort of students in 2013. Because of the support from partner institutions, students are able to take courses at NUS and through study abroad at Yale.

Frequently Asked Questions


The College employs a holistic approach to the evaluation of each applicant. There are no set criteria for admission, but applicants should have taken a rigorous curriculum in secondary school, and show potential to thrive in the interdisciplinary and demanding Yale-NUS course of study. Interviews, recommendations, essays, and extracurricular accomplishments are also evaluated to capture the intangible qualities that an applicant brings to the Yale-NUS community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Double Degree Programme (DDP) with Law

The Yale-NUS College DDP with Law is designed for intellectually driven and globally-minded individuals who want a rigorous, interdisciplinary education. The DDP with Law is best suited for students who want to pursue a liberal arts and sciences education as well as receive professional training in the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yale-NUS & Duke-NUS Pathway

The Liberal Arts and Medicine Pathway shapes future clinicians who appreciate the interconnectedness of the sciences, social sciences and humanities in medical practice. Through the broad-based education at Yale-NUS College, graduates will be well-trained in the art of inquiry, enabling them to think and reason in a way that leads to greater cross-fertilisation of ideas and new solutions in healthcare.

The Pathway allows students to be admitted to Yale-NUS College and simultaneously receive a conditional admission to the graduate entry MD programme at Duke-NUS Medical School. Students on this pathway will still have to submit formal applications to Duke-NUS at the end of Year 3 of the student’s tenure at Yale-NUS. All successful students will complete the full curriculum of Yale-NUS and graduate with a BA/BSc(Hons) before proceeding to join Duke-NUS.

Frequently Asked Questions

NS Men

Application to Yale-NUS is merely an expression of interest and you do not need to withdraw from any other school at which you are holding an offer of admission. However, if you are offered a place in Yale-NUS and decide to accept our offer, you will have to relinquish your place at the other university/ college.

Frequently Asked Questions

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