Alysha Park

Class of 2020

South Korea

About Me

Hello! I am Alysha (So Yun) Park, and I have spent my life in South Korea, the United States, and the Philippines! I love traveling, and I am extremely friendly. You’ll surely see me running around the campus, trying to say “hi” to everyone!

 Why I chose Yale-NUS

I chose Yale-NUS because it was one of the few places where I knew I could be fully content. When I was researching colleges my senior year, I did not want my next four years to take place at a conventional university. I wanted something very different. Considering most universities already have set traditions and cultures, Yale-NUS was the perfect choice. I couldn’t help myself falling in love with the school the more I learned more about it. Every part of the school was what I wanted from my university life – the diversity of the student body, an inclusive community, and the opportunity to develop a new school culture. For me, Yale-NUS was honestly a “why not” question.

What I love most about Yale-NUS

At Yale-NUS, you will learn new things even from a typical meal at the dining hall. The diversity of the student body makes it possible for students to be constantly learning about different cultures. For example, I just learned today that Chileans usually have very late dinners (which usually consist of simply toast and wine). At Yale-NUS, sitting down for lunch can be a global experience!

Best moments I’ve had at Yale-NUS

My RCX trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia during orientation is my Yale-NUS highlight. On a bus ride in Yogyakarta, I recall writing in my journal while listening to the local music flowing from the speakers of the bus — and thinking to myself, “I can’t believe that I’m actually here.” I was overwhelmed by the school’s dedication to creating diverse opportunities for us, the students. I appreciate Yale-NUS for its  global culture, and all I can say is that I am grateful.

 Random Facts about Yale-NUS

You will find families of professors and administrators living at the school. On Sundays, you’ll see adorable children chasing each other and giggling around the courtyard of the campus. It’s one of the characteristics of our school that really makes it “home”.

Alysha Park