Anandita Sabherwal

Class of 2019


About Me
Hi I am Anandita from New Delhi, and everyone calls me Ana. At Yale-NUS, I am pursuing a major in Psychology, and have also been deeply involved with the Yale-NUS student government, and KidsAccomplish!. I love coffee, Bollywood, books, children, and dogs (people also can).

Why I Chose Yale-NUS
Choosing Yale-NUS over the ‘big (established) names’ was challenging, but it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I came here for the close faculty and peer interactions, exposure to cutting-edge academic research, a broad curriculum which continually pushes me out of my comfort zone, and opportunities to partake in meaningful travel.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS
I just LOVE how everyone here is passionate about something. It’s the sparkle in their eyes when they talk about the newest international treaty, the best programming language, or the latest research on cats! What’s more, Our faculty, DFs, CIPE opportunities, and peers support us in inculcating and developing our passions (no matter how weird these passions maybe).

Best Moment I’ve had at Yale-NUS
My favourite memory of Yale-NUS is an all-nighter I pulled with the Constitution review committee (which was tasked with writing the constitution for the Yale-NUS student government) in my freshmen year. After working for about 18-20 hours non-stop, a bunch of us sleep-deprived, barely functional, dazed humans trekked to Starbucks to get some food (and MORE coffee) so we could keep working.

Random Fact about Yale-NUS
The butteries (student-run midnight restaurants)  are the HUGEST blessing bestowed upon us perpetually hungry students.

Anandita Sabherwal