Arjun Jayaraman

Class of 2020


About Me

Hello! I’m Arjun and I’m from Singapore. It’s normal for you to hear me before you see me. If I’m not clowning around I’m trying to get work done, and if I’m not getting work done it’s probably because I’m expanding on my meme portfolio on Facebook. I’m not proud of that last one. I’m also a sucker for warm lights and sunsets.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS

After military service, I learned that the often quoted, cliché adage ‘no-one cares how much you know until they know how much you care’ is indeed true. Yale-NUS provided experiential opportunities like no other institution – opportunities that allowed me to broaden my perspectives of the world and to expand upon the love I had for humanity. These opportunities include learning about Apartheid in South Africa and about environmental conservation in Malaysia. They’ve allowed me to understand just a bit more about the world we live in, and more importantly shown me that there are many things that I don’t understand.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS

I love the people, hands down. While opportunities come knocking almost all the time, the people here are what keep you going to be the best version of yourself. Whether it be fiercely loyal friends who’d jump to your help whenever you need it, faculty that’d sit down for a dinner with you to talk about their latest workout program followed by an intense discussion on Chinese foreign policy, or an understanding touch rugby team that plucks itself out of bed at 7am for optional training, Yale-NUS is full of caring individuals who always try to be better versions of themselves. The best part is that they push you to do the same.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS

At the end of AY2016/2017, a group of students organized a 90’s themed concert named Tape Days, in which I was playing drums with 2 bands. That night, I had the opportunity to play some of my favourite songs in the world with friends that I loved to an extremely loving and crazy audience. It’s safe to say that I’ve never felt more alive than I did playing drums that night.

Random Fact about Yale-NUS

Our black box has been transformed into a club before! Work-life balance is important, and so is community building. What better way to let loose and turn up than to get down with your friends?

Arjun Jayaraman