Chandler Beyer

Class of 2020

United States

About Me

Hi! My name is Chandler Beyer and I am an American girl of many homes and time zones. While a majority of my life has been spent in the Midwest of the United States of America, along with a short detour to New South Wales, Australia, I currently live in Seattle, Washington. I love to explore the great outdoors in my beautiful home state with my loving friends and family.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS

I ultimately chose to attend Yale-NUS College for a multitude of reasons, with the largest deciding factor being Yale-NUS’ focus on global experiential learning. With the RCX trip, Week Seven Experience, and Learning Across Boundaries (LABs), I have had the global experiences I so desperately desired. These global opportunities have provided me with a firm foundation in my understanding of different cultures and affairs.  Plus, Singapore is a great home-base as its physical location allows for lots of easy weekend traveling! Since I am a part of the fourth founding class, Yale-NUS has given me the ability to pave my own path. As a freshman in college, I have had the opportunity to be on the executive committee of several student organizations, apply for funding to attend international conferences, and even provide input and feedback regarding the direction of the school. I have a loud voice, and it most definitely can be heard at Yale-NUS.

Why I Love Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS has a great sense of community that cannot be captured in one sentence or one paragraph. I love Yale-NUS not just for the amazing experiences available to the students, but rather because we are given the opportunity to have them. I love Yale-NUS not just for the great education we are receiving, but rather because we are challenged and supported daily in our academic pursuits. I love Yale-NUS not just because I live on its’ beautiful campus, but rather because I have found a second, third, and fourth home here.

Favourite Moment at Yale-NUS

My favorite moment I have had at Yale-NUS thus far would have to be my CIPE Week Seven Experience! I was fortunate enough to travel to South Africa to study the psychological and political mechanisms of discrimination and racism during the seventh week of my first semester at Yale-NUS College! Learning about the after effects of the Apartheid Era in South Africa while physically being there provided me with a deeper understanding of how the South African people are working towards unity, something that I could not have learned from a textbook. Meeting with individuals who were imprisoned on Robben Island, I was able to learn about this devastating era in a very personal and heartfelt way. I love being part of a college that encourages and supports a spirit of experiential learning as we all become active participants in the worldwide classroom.

Random Fact(s) about Yale-NUS

A fun fact about Yale-NUS is the students have Facebook Groups for nearly everything! For example, there is a Facebook Group for students to post about free food available on campus… which brings me to my next fun fact: free food! In a given week, there is always a handful of free food events happening on campus, whether it be bubble tea, pizza, or baked goods! I must say, free food is a great way to take a study break and to hang out with friends!

Chandler Beyer