Dominic Choa

Class of 2018


About Me

Hi, I’m Dominic. I’m born and bred in Singapore. I love football, trying new food, dabbling in things and recently I’ve become a Bollywood fan (Bole Chudiyan anyone?). I’m an Environmental Studies major and am interested in how business interest can be part of the sustainability agenda.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS

I chose Yale-NUS because I wanted to experience a liberal arts education in Asia, and because I wanted to be a part of the pioneering batch at a brand new school. I also like how the school positions itself as a learning community and the intentionality it has in carving out a new direction for liberal arts education.

Why I Love Yale-NUS

I love the community we have here. It’s not just the student body, which you will come to know very well, but also the staff and professors, for whom Yale-NUS is so much more than a workplace. I think we will all remember people and relationships far more and far better than anything else, and the amazing people that make up Yale-NUS is definitely a treasure.

Favourite Moment at Yale-NUS

One of the best times I’ve had in this school would be participating at the annual community basketball game where faculty, staff and students form groups and face off against one another. It’s really great to see your profs break into sweat (role reversal from class!) and have the rest of the school cheer everyone on.

Random Fact(s) about Yale-NUS

Did you know… we have Facebook groups for literally everything? If you need clothes, want to sell clothes, want to share a cab to the airport, need a job, want professor recommendations, want food delivery … etc. Want to know the full range? Join Yale-NUS and you’ll find out. 😉

Dominic Choa