Fiona Grace Freeman-Grundei

Class of 2020

United States

About Me
Hello! My name is Fiona Freeman-Grundei. I am American from the great state of Colorado. I might be the most extraverted person you might ever meet! I love basketball, stage-managing, and adventures. Other things that have made my list of favorites are traveling, reading, and mac-and-cheese.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS
I chose Yale-NUS because it offers challenging opportunities to learn and grow, and incredible opportunities to travel the world.
I chose Yale-NUS because it is a school where people are encouraged but not forced to step outside their comfort zones and open their minds to other perspectives and ideas.
I chose Yale-NUS because I was unfamiliar with  Asia.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS
Without a doubt, my favorite part about Yale-NUS is the people. As an extravert, I value a strong community of support, friendship and love. Here, I have met the kindest, most forward thinking, and most open-minded people I could have ever imagined meeting. At Yale-NUS, I have found a better group of friends than I ever expected to encounter in my life.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS
My favorite moments at Yale-NUS revolve around eating cup noodles or the like late into the night with my best friends. One moment that always sticks out in my mind is the basketball trip to Taiwan my freshman year. On the last night of the trip, a friend and I bought a fresh fish in a plastic wrap from a grocery store and hid it in another friend’s suitcase as a joke. He found it and hid it in my bag, I found it and hid it in his, back and forth and back and forth. This went on all day, and on the trip back as well when we finally hid it in his checked bag as he went through security at the airport. The fish made it all the way back to Singapore before he found it. Haha!

Random Fact about Yale-NUS
Yale-NUS’s original mascot idea was a dragon!

Fiona Grace Freeman-Grundei