Hannah James

Class of 2018

United States

About Me
Hello! I’m Hannah. I’m from San Diego, the land of carne asada burritos, incredible sunsets, and where the weather doesn’t dip below 50even in the dead of “winter!” I’m a proud member of Saga College and majoring in Urban Studies and minoring in Anthropology.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS
Yale-NUS was one of those dreams I couldn’t articulate. But I knew from the moment I stumbled across the school website there was a slight chance it was the one. When I read about the mission of the institution and the founding faculty, the curriculum and resources Yale-NUS had to offer, I felt like I could see myself spending my most formative years growing here. From the beginning, I wanted a liberal arts college that didn’t require me to commit to one course of study—ever. Here, most students never stop exploring; everything from course selections, to summers to one’s capstone is an opportunity to cultivate one’s self. That is how I wanted to spend my undergraduate years.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS
What stands out to me is how much collaborative and supportive energy people have. You can pretty much approach anyone with an idea you have about a newspaper article you want to write, an initiative you want to undertake, or a project you’d like to work on and more often than not, people will connect each other to peers with similar interests. Moreover, people are extremely supportive– if you’re writing a paper, a friend might offer to proofread it for you or talk through some ideas you have. There have also been numerous times when professors show up to support us at events, not only coming after work hours, but also bringing their families along for the fun. The support I have found at Yale-NUS is constant and unparalleled.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS
Every moment I’ve spent with Camaxtli, my orientation group and now friend group—from surprising our Dean’s Fellow Nishant on his birthday with a 8am wake up call, to performing Phua Chu Kang’s iconic Sarvivor Rap in front of the cohort with my friend Yonatan… every moment is rooted in hilarity, compassion, and zest for Yale-NUS.

Random Fact about Yale-NUS
Have an interest you’d like to delve deeper into in an academic context? You can take an Independent Study module which essentially allows you to conduct self-directed research with the expert guidance of a professor. This is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity to have at the undergraduate level!

Under the tutelage of Professor Strange, my friend Darrel and I were able to co-write a paper about macaque-human knowledge spheres in Singapore.

Hannah James