Haroun Chahed

Class of 2020


About Me

I come from the land of Elissa and Hannibal, Tunisia (google it if you don’t know where that is!). I like playing sports, such as soccer, wrestling and track. I am also a beginner photographer and my favourite and only model is my suitemate Andre Chan. I enjoy drinking tea and chatting with Yale-NUS students because every conversation enlightens me. I will probably major in Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS

Experience Yale-NUS Weekend was a deal-sealer for me. When I visited Yale-NUS my senior year, I fell in love with the institution: a small liberal arts college that provides intense academic training, great traveling, and internship opportunities. Unlike other universities, Yale-NUS sounded like an adventure that would be exceptionally rewarding.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS

I love the attention students receive here. As a small institution, Yale-NUS offered me close interaction with my professors. The class size is small and seminars are efficient. At the same time, I was able to do research over summer with a math professor and a neurobiology professor, which is a great opportunity considering I was a freshman.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS

My best day this year was when scientist and writer Jerry Coyne gave a talk on our campus. In our Scientific Inquiry class in semester one, we studied the book Why Evolution is True by Coyne. By the end of the semester, we were surprised to learn that Coyne was coming to give a talk on campus. Having the opportunity to chat with Coyne excited me because I had spent an entire semester studying his book and had learnt everything I know about evolution from him. His talk did not disappoint and everyone was amazed by how Coyne related his arguments to faith, gender, destiny and law (in true interdisciplinary Yale-NUS fashion!). I was impressed because even though he was a scientist, Coyne was educated about non-science specific topics and had the ability to employ them to substantiate his arguments. Coyne made me realise, more than ever, the importance of a liberal arts education for the cultivation of creativity and strong communication skills.

Random Fact about Yale-NUS

The food is so good that freshman 15 is unescapable.

Haroun Chahed