Jason Carranceja

Class of 2018


About Me

Kamusta? My name is Jason, and I hail from the Philippines. I am a Filipino-Chinese who can be frequently found on campus doing four things: cooking at the buttery, singing in the shower, potating in the common lounge, or running around the open field (sometimes desperately trying to learn soccer).

Why I Chose Yale-NUS

In high school, I was a STEM student, joining math and robotics contests prior to coming to college, even getting admitted to a medical program in the Philippines. But, I wanted to go beyond my comfort zone. Yale-NUS’s common curriculum, as well as its deferred major declaration (we only declare our majors at the end of your second year) appealed to me because it was an invitation to explore other fields of studies. On my first two years alone, I’ve read the Ramayana and Rousseau, collected frogs at a Thai rainforest, coded in R and OCaml, and even rolled my R’s while learning Spanish. Now, I’m majoring in Global Affairs, with an interest in Latin American-Asian relations, and I still love solving sudoku, doing math problems, and folding modular origami.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS

As cliché as this sounds, the people. Make no mistake, the people here are extremely talented. Some here have published novels, won contests abroad, and even represented their countries in the international sports tournaments. But what I appreciate about the community here is the authenticity of living and interacting with these people. You’ll have memorable intellectual and heartfelt personal conversations anytime, anywhere, and when you least expect it – from 9 AM at the classrooms or the dining halls, to 3 AM at the sky gardens or the suites.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS

It’s hard to say. There was rarely a dull moment in Yale-NUS for me. But if I had to choose the best moments I’ve had at Yale-NUS, it would be when the professors invited us to their homes. We’ve had hot milo over a sharing session with a rector’s dog named Milo, had a cheese buffet while having a Greek-style symposium debating Gandhi and Lee Kuan Yew view on progress, and had karaoke sessions in our native languages. The list goes on. The range of experiences both within and without the classrooms are endless!

Random Fact about Yale-NUS

If you’ve read the other profiles, you’ve probably seen how some students and faculty rave about food both in Singapore and in the college. To top that off, Yale-NUS College has three late night butteries, each with different vibes and menu offerings. Vegan? Why not drop by Shiner’s Diner for a grab of vegan burger? Want to be healthy? Try The Nest’s hearty mushroom toast. Want to experience the late night comfort food of the pioneer batches of Yale-NUS? Drop by The Shiok Shack and grab the legendary Adlin (named after Adlin, who discovered that burger patties on top of indomies is heaven-sent!)! Oh, and did we mention? Your fellow students (and even professors and deans!) lovingly cook for you!

Jason Carranceja