Kah Mun Chan

Class of 2020


About Me

Hello there! I’m a smol girl with a big heart! I love art, filmmaking, humanities and getting to know you! I love being challenged, being creative and having things to be passionate about. I have grown up in humble Kovan, Singapore, all my life but am enthusiastic about adventures abroad and local. Exploring a new location is a wonderful way to spend a day, as well as sitting down in a nice café getting to know my friends, aka YOU (soon)!

Why I Chose Yale-NUS

I treasure small and diverse communities and Yale-NUS truly has the best of both worlds in countless respects! It ticks all the boxes! The school fosters a lively residential experience, and a campus culture that is strongly driven by students themselves. I was also humbled to be a part of a new institution. And of course, the liberal arts curriculum was also a main attraction as I have broad interests and did not want to declare my major as a freshman.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS

Your peers truly make the school so lovable. I am also appreciative of our Dean’s Fellows, our College Rectors, faculty, leadership, administration, and all other staff who keep this school going at such a high level. I have never met more interesting and kind people who are mature, generous and sincere. Yale-NUS really feels like home and it is because everyone on campus takes initiative to work towards fostering such an atmosphere.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS

So, so many, but for Elm College’s Orientation trip to Surabaya, we woke up very early and braved the intense cold to see a sunrise, that eventually did not appear stunningly due to thick cloud cover. My Dean’s Fellow group took to the empty space as people left disappointed, and started dancing to our mass dance (learnt earlier during orientation). Just randomly dancing up on the mountain in rented winter coats, because why not right? Well, as we finished the song the clouds started parting and everyone finally saw the blue sky with rays of light. Nothing short of hilarious, magical bonding.

Random Fact about Yale-NUS

Everyone here loves food. If you love food, you will be set at Yale-NUS. Stop by our butteries!

Kah Mun Chan