Keefe Liew

Class of 2019


About Me
I am Keefe Liew and I have spent my entire life (23 years so far) in Singapore. I hope to one day live in Japan, London, and the United States. I am part of the Class of 2019 and I have recently declared philosophy as my major. I spend my leisure time playing football with the Yale-NUS football team.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS
I chose Yale-NUS because of its multidisciplinary approach to education. Yale-NUS’ common curriculum has granted me the privilege of studying the great literary epics such as Homer’s Odyssey  and Vālmīki’s Ramayana. The curriculum has also exposed me to the works of great minds — to name a few of my favourites — Aristotle, Durkheim, Foucault, Plato and Weber. I also chose Yale-NUS because of its student diversity. Having lived in Singapore my entire life, I was curious about other cultures. And the best way to learn about these cultures (besides travelling) is to live and study with students who come from them.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS
I love the system of communal living in Yale-NUS. First, this system works nicely with the common curriculum which we all study. So, I often study with my suite-mates or go to them for writing advice whenever we have a test or exam. Second, this system has also allowed me to form meaningful friendships with my fellow students. These friends are a really important part of my college life, if not the highlight of it.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS
The best moments at Yale-NUS? There are many and it will be a long, laborious process to recall and list each of them down. If I had to pick one truly memorable moment, it would be the time that several of us got together to study for our Modern Social Thought midterms. We assembled in the common area of our suite and took turns explaining the key concepts of the thinkers that were to be tested on the exam.

Random Fact about Yale-NUS
Yale-NUS is a great school with wonderful professors. Professors are always willing to help you with class
material as long as you arrange and put in effort to prepare for office hours with them.

Keefe Liew