Zac Yeow

Class of 2020


About Me

Hey there, my name is Zac. Photography has been a big hobby of mine since I was 15. I like to take landscapes, portraits, and food photos. As a professional photographer, I take photos of events, weddings, and headshots. I am also someone who listens to all sorts of music, from Classical to Pop, Rock, R&B and House. I also love to cook. What I love about cooking is how I get to experiment  with all sorts of ingredients from different cultures and how food brings people together. Lastly, I previously studied Environmental and Water Technology (aka Environmental Engineering) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic…why did I shift from Engineering to Liberal Arts? Find out more below.

Why I Chose Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS offers an education like no other in Singapore. It has a unique common curriculum and seminar style pedagogy that differs from the lecture tutorial style that is known in other universities. At the same time, I chose Yale-NUS College because of the people. The community here is ever so friendly, so helpful, and so warm. I am very fond of this community. The people here truly make Yale-NUS special.

What I Love Most About Yale-NUS

The community! I have forged friendships with the Class of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, and I am humbled by the diversity of cultures and talent represented in our student body. One time, I cooked food from other cultures (e.g. Japan, Turkey, and Korea.) in our student-run buttery and was able to ask my friends from those cultures to help me taste-test them. At the same time, even though my peers come from such different backgrounds, we all manage to live and learn together and form close bonds. Every day I am always learning new things from my peers because of the diversity of the student body.

Best Moment I’ve Had at Yale-NUS

My favorite moments at Yale-NUS are definitely the late night 2am conversations. I have had many deep and meaningful conversations late into the night because everybody lives on campus. If I have to think of my favorite late-night hang-out, it would be the time I organized a “Raki Night”.  My friends and I came together and had ‘raki’ (a Turkish national drink) and we sang songs, talked, and chilled till late in the night.

Random Fact about Yale-NUS

We have residential disc jockeys thanks to the amazing support from our lovely Arts & Media department. Yes, you read that right! We have our very own student DJs at Yale-NUS! We host events called “Mixers” at least once a semester to give students a relief from the stresses of studying and deadlines. Come over and dance with us in the blackbox on Mixer night!

Zac Yeow