Lishani Indumini Ramanayake

Class of 2018

Sri Lanka

About Me

I’m Lishani, a third year student from Sri Lanka. I’m majoring in Literature at Yale-NUS with a particular interest in postcolonial studies, queer theory and the cultural production of regions in conflict.

Why I chose Yale-NUS

I was always drawn to the liberal arts model, where I could study biology in conjunction with philosophy — the idea of exploring different intellectual traditions as intersectional, as opposed to stand alone disciplines. Yale-NUS took this model up a notch with its mission of being “in Asia for the world”. To me, the biggest attraction that Yale-NUS held was that I could study texts from all over the world and be fully immersed in a truly global education, the knowledge that one week I would be reading Greek philosophy and the next I would be studying Classical Chinese poetry!

What I love most about Yale-NUS

I love the sense of community at Yale-NUS. I think I have learned almost as much from my fellow students as I have with the curriculum. This is the kind of place where you can sit down at a random table over lunch and end up having an in depth conversation about Iranian feminist photographers — in French! The people here are so engaged, intelligent and globally aware. It’s safe to say that you will never be the smartest person in the room at Yale-NUS, and I love that, and all the opportunities for growth that allows.

Best moments I’ve had at Yale-NUS

I think some of my best moments have been in my suite. Everyone in my suite is very different in terms of personality and academic interests, but we all get along really well. I love sitting around in the common area and hanging out or studying together.  every so often some one raises their head and mentions a cool fact from their readings — we can go from Game of Thrones to Sanskrit to U.S foreign policy to environmental studies in five minutes!

 Random Facts about Yale-NUS

 We have some of this region’s best emerging talent working with us in the Writers’ Centre — some days I get to have breakfast with published poets (and that blows my mind!).

Lishani Indumini Ramanayake