Rebeca Salazar

Class of 2019

El Salvador

About Me
Hi! I’m Rebeca, born and raised in El Salvador and currently studying History in Yale-NUS College in Singapore. I love music and dancing, eating cheese, and -sometimes- going to the gym. I think my day has been wasted if I haven’t had a proper laugh yet! I love thinking about the meaning of life and the universe and about the next big idea to help the world.

Why I chose Yale-NUS
I chose Yale-NUS because I was dying to have an adventure.
I wanted to discover a new country, and -in fact- a new continent (since I had never been to Asia before coming here)! I also wanted to read and learn from what is best from all corners of the world, texts that I had never even heard from before, from the East and the West. I was so excited at the thought of reading Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian texts all in one same course, with classmates from all kinds of cultural perspectives!

What I love most about Yale-NUS
What I love most about Yale-NUS is the sense of community and
how everyone has each other’s back. We are a community of learning and a community of growing. I know that if I’m struggling with an assignment, my peers will always be up to help me out and encourage me. If my Rector knows I have accomplished something, she will call me out by name and congratulate me with a hug. If a friend thinks that my view needs a new perspective, he will not be shy about correcting me. This kind of constant support truly makes our campus feel like a big big family.

Best moment I’ve had at Yale-NUS
Ahh.. so many to choose from!! My favorite moment on-campus
was planning a big Fiesta Latina and Spanish Karaoke for the people learning Spanish on campus. It was so much fun to listen to Beginner Spanish students try to keep up with Daddy Yankee’s fast rapping! I truly admired their bravery. My favorite moment off-campus
was the two weeks I spent in Cuba on a Learning Across Boundaries trip with a bunch of other Yale-NUS Students and VR Lage-Otero. We had so many insightful discussions on Cuba’s changing political and economic landscape, and we also danced and listened to
salsa so much! The whole trip was a dream.

Random fact about Yale-NUS
We currently have students from Colombia, El Salvador, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil. We’d love to have more Latinos represented on campus, so please apply Central and South America!

Rebeca Salazar