Tiara Lui Ru Sing

Class of 2019

Hong Kong

About Me

HELLO!!! I’m Tiara, a Singaporean who was born and raised in Hong Kong for 18 years of my life (so basically my whole life before Yale-NUS). I love making crafts, playing sports, and exploring the city. I get bored really easily, and end up doing a lot of random things in my free time like 3D printing, popping, and clubpenguin.

Why I chose Yale-NUS

I chose Yale-NUS for its small community, location, and travel opportunities. I love being a part of a variety of organizations and sports teams, and a small community really allows me to try things I’ve never done before. As I am also an urban studies major, Singapore was perfect because it enables me to learn about urbanization in an Asian context. I’ve had so many opportunities to travel and engage in on the ground learning too! So far I’ve been to Myanmar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Huizhou (China), Cambodia, Indonesia, and Taiwan (and I’m only halfway through my second year?!?!).

What I love most about Yale-NUS

There are so many things I love about Yale-NUS that it’s hard to choose what I love the most. Aside from the usual factors like friends, one thing I really love is how much the school cares about our welfare. We get FREE (good) food at least twice a week. Eg: cupcakes, bubble tea, naan, and I feel like the school really invests in our mental health, something I appreciate.

Best moments I’ve had at Yale-NUS

Just off the top of my head, there was this one assignment we had for Comparative Social Institutions (a common core course) where we were tasked with breaking a gender norm. To complete the assignment, I gelled my hair up into a Mohawk and went about my day as per usual.

It was a really really really great day.

Random Facts about Yale-NUS

The broad range of classes and diversity of clubs gives you the opportunity to try everything. So far I’ve learnt how to set up camera traps and observe wild life, dance bhangra, and farm sweet potatoes. I’ve even managed to learn the basics of 2D animation! Even if I never end up using these new skills it does make me generally more appreciative. Who knew an animated movie took that much work to make.

Tiara Lui Ru Sing