A Faculty of The World's Brightest Minds

Yale-NUS faculty are not just great teachers but also creative researchers.  You will be taught by scholars who are celebrated in their respective fields, and who are passionate about mentoring and teaching you.

Great Teachers and Great Researchers

“In the first year of the College, even while they shaped and taught a new curriculum, more than 90 per cent of our faculty members authored or co-authored close to 100 peer-reviewed papers, of which nearly two-thirds appeared in academic journals of the highest rank of global impact and prestige.”

–President Pericles Lewis

Meet Our Faculty

“Classes at Yale-NUS are vastly different from what I’ve gone through in high school. One single question can spark a variety of views and even a heated discussion.”

– Bozy Lu, Class of 2018

Instead of traditional academic departments, Yale-NUS faculty teach in three divisions: Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities.


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A Faculty of The World's Brightest Minds
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