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Student life in Yale-NUS

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The first few cohorts of Yale-NUS students will be pioneers, setting the groundwork for generations to come – with college traditions, clubs, and activities.

“I am very interested in the Chinese language, so I do hope to start up a Chinese Language Society where we can expose more students to a part of Singapore’s heritage.”

– Perry Kwan, Class of 2018

“In my opinion, it’s the student body that really distinguishes Yale-NUS from other schools. We have such a diverse group of students, and this has really transformed the nature of our student organisations.”

–Helen Jin, Class of 2018

“In the NGO Bootcamp, I learned that business, life and service to the community really do not have to be exclusive or at odds with each other. I am more committed now to integrate service into any aspect of my work.”

–May Tay, Class of 2017


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