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Graduation Outcomes

 A Yale-NUS College education trains students to become the leaders the world needs. Established in 2011, Yale-NUS College has since graduated four classes. Our alumni have started careers in various industries, pursued further studies in Singapore and abroad, and contributed to different communities around the world. In 2019, 95.8% of our graduates seeking work were employed within 6 months. These new additions to the workforce earn a median salary of $3800 a month. It was also reported that our Bachelor of Science graduates earn a median starting salary of $5000 a month. This data comes from the Joint Autonomous Universities Graduate Employment Survey 2019 which was conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and other Autonomous Universities (AUs) in Singapore. Yale-NUS College graduates have also received various prestigious scholarships. Among our pool of graduates, we have: 1 Fullbright Scholar, 1 Rhodes Scholar, 2 Schwarzman Scholars, and 1 Yenching Scholar. We have also had 3 shortlisted candidates for the Singapore Rhodes Scholarship.

There is a wealth of experience to be had outside the classroom, and Yale-NUS College’s Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) is poised to help students explore an enriching array of local and global opportunities. CIPE believes that a series of intentional, impactful and engaging experiences will lead to greater personal, professional and intellectual development for Yale-NUS students. This is why each Yale-NUS student has a CIPE advisor to guide them through a portfolio of experiential opportunities, such as: study abroad, summer sessions, internships, career services, leadership and service programming, and research attachments.

CIPE Career Services

Research shows that today’s young professionals change jobs – and even industries – more than ever. CIPE works with students to develop the skills needed to be effective and adaptable in a changing economy. We arm students with skills that will allow them to constantly reinvent themselves and move between challenges with ease. By employing the 3Es – Exploring, Equipping and Engaging – we guide students on their path of self-exploration, equip them with the right tools to make informed decisions and engage in foundation-building activities.

Career Resources

Get all the support you need to take the first step towards securing a fulfilling career. Find information on career paths, tips on acing interviews, networking opportunities, jobs/internships search websites, and advice on resume and cover-letter writing.

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Postgraduate Studies

If you're keen to dig even deeper into your area of academic passion, graduate studies may be the next step in your education. CIPE staff offers students individual counselling regarding graduate study options both in Singapore and abroad.

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Guides to Professional Success

Through CIPE, you can gain access to a range of external advisers, who will provide you with the right advice and mentorship to help you reach your goals. Work with your Adviser to explore careers, strengthen your network or sharpen your interpersonal skills.

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Meet Our Alumni

The Yale-NUS College experience is a journey of self discovery. Learn more from some of our alumni as they share their journeys in Yale-NUS College and how their four years have prepared them for life after graduation. In the accordions below, each alumnus recalls their favorite classes at Yale-NUS, their most memorable experiential and career-oriented opportunities, and shares advice for young high school graduates who are preparing for college. While reading their stories, try to imagine yourself in their shoes. Can you see yourself living and learning in our Yale-NUS College community?

ZhongXuan Khwa ('20)


Fun Facts

Major: Mathematical, Computational, and Statistical Sciences
Residential College: Elm College
Favorite Common Curriculum Class: Quantitative Reasoning
Favorite Major Class: Discrete Mathematics
Favorite Elective(s): Asian Theatre, Introduction to Vocal Technique and Performance
Extracurricular Activities in Yale-NUS: Ballroom Society, Brewhouse, Admissions (Tour Guide), Legally Blonde (Musical), Intercultural Peer Advisor, RC3, Peer Tutor, Student Government Senate, Residential College Advisor
Favorite Book: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
Favorite Movie: The Prestige
Dogs or Cats?: Cats! But dogs are great as well!
Fun Fact: I was an extra on Crazy Rich Asians!

Click here to learn more about ZhongXuan’s journey:

Alumni Journeys – ZhongXuan Khwa (’20)

Images provided by ZhongXuan Khwa and by the Admissions and Financial Aid Office

Clara Che Wei Peh ('19)

Fun Facts

Major/Minor: Economics/Arts and Humanities (Art History)
Residential College: Saga College
Favorite Common Curriculum Classes: Literature and Humanities 2, Modern Social Thought
Favorite Major Classes: Labor Economics, Development Economics
Favorite Electives: Global Women’s History, Woolf and Historiography
Extracurricular Activities in Yale-NUS: Admissions Student Associate, Language Peer Tutor (Chinese), Saga Residential Council, (aside), P.S We Care, Bhangra, Yale-NUS Consulting Grop (as a Project Lead), Development Office Student Associate, Senior Class Gift Committee, Wellness Committee
Favorite Book: Circe by Madeline Miller
Favorite Movie: A Man Called Ove
Dogs or Cats?: Cats! But also dogs!
Fun Fact: I was in Bhangra for two semesters and absolutely loved it

Click here to learn more about Clara’s journey:

Alumni Journeys – Clara Che Wei Peh (’19)

Images provided by Clara Che Wei Peh

Sarah Novak ('18)

Fun Facts

Major/Minor: PPE/Environmental Studies
Residential College: Cendana College
Favorite Common Curriculum Class: Comparative Social Inquiry (CSI)
Favorite Major Class: Emotions and Politics/Chinese Political Philosophy
Favorite Elective(s): Foundations of the Environmental Humanities
Extracurricular Activities in Yale-NUS: Netball, CIPE Student Advisory Committee,  Fox & Hedgehog, Student Government, Cycling Club, Varsity Tennis
Favorite Book: Anything by Ursula Le Guin, and recently I have been reading lots of biographies
Favorite Movie: Can’t choose one!
Dogs or Cats?: Dogs!
Fun Fact: I saw more of Singapore on my bike than any other form of transport: there are so many beautiful hidden corners on the island!

Click here to learn more about Sarah’s journey:

Alumni Journeys – Sarah Novak (’18)

Images provided by Sarah Novak

Matt Bolden ('17)


Fun Facts

Major/Minor: Environmental Studies/Physical Sciences
Residential College: Cendana College
Favorite Common Curriculum Class: Modern Social Thought
Favorite Major Class: The Theory and Practice of Environmental Policymaking
Favorite Elective(s): Contemporary Social Theory
Extracurricular Activities in Yale-NUS: Singers’ Guild, Yale-NUS Improv, The Mocktant, Barbershop Chorus
Favorite Book: John Steinbeck’s The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights
Favorite Movie: Can’t choose one!
Dogs or Cats?: Dogs
Fun Fact: My first job was running the lights for my town’s annual performance of the Nutcracker.

Click here to learn more about Matt’s journey:

Alumni Journeys – Matt Bolden (’17)

Images provided by Matt Bolden



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