Building Your Future

Building Your Future

There is a wealth of experience to be had outside the classroom, and Yale-NUS College’s Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) is poised to help students explore an enriching array of local and global opportunities. CIPE believes that a series of intentional, impactful and engaging experiences will lead to greater personal, professional and intellectual development for Yale-NUS students. This is why each Yale-NUS student has a CIPE advisor to guide them through a portfolio of experiential opportunities, such as: study abroad, summer sessions, internships, career services, leadership and service programming, and research attachments.


Internships are great experiential learning opportunities, and enable you to explore your professional and academic interest. You will also gain valuable exposure and training in your fields on interest, to help equip you with relevant experiences for life after Yale-NUS College. Score internships with a wide array of employers worldwide across the private, public and civic sectors. CIPE strategically partners with organisations seeking the unique skills Yale-NUS students hold: interdisciplinary thought, strong communication skills and the ability to solve complex problems. Work with CIPE to best position yourself for a key internship, whether in Singapore or overseas, practise for interviews and even apply for a Mystery Internship where you’ll find out your posting and location just days before the programme starts. Find out More

CIPE Career Services

Research shows that today’s young professionals change jobs – and even industries – more than ever. CIPE works with students to develop the skills needed to be effective and adaptable in a changing economy. We arm students with skills that will allow them to constantly reinvent themselves and move between challenges with ease. By employing the 3Es – Exploring, Equipping and Engaging – we guide students on their path of self-exploration, equip them with the right tools to make informed decisions and engage in foundation-building activities.

Career Resources

Get all the support you need to take the first step towards securing a fulfilling career. Find information on career paths, tips on acing interviews, networking opportunities, jobs/internships search websites, and advice on resume and cover-letter writing.

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Postgraduate Studies

If you're keen to dig even deeper into your area of academic passion, graduate studies may be the next step in your education. CIPE staff offers students individual counselling regarding graduate study options both in Singapore and abroad.

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External Adviser Programme

Through CIPE, you can gain access to a range of external advisers, who will provide you with the right advice and mentorship to help you reach your goals. Work with your Adviser to explore careers, strengthen your network or sharpen your interpersonal skills.

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Our Alumni

Elson Ong

Class of 2017

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Urban Studies

Elson Ong is a Funding Product Control Analyst in the Goldman Sach’s Finance Division in Hong Kong. View More

May Tay

Class of 2017

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Environmental Studies

May Tay joined H&M’s Business Trainee programme after graduating and is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. View More

Mollie Saltskog

Class of 2017

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Global Affairs

Mollie Saltskog, a Schwarzman Scholar, is studying International Studies at Tsinghua University. View More

Get to know more about our alumni. Read more here.

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