Student Experience

The academic experience at Yale-NUS brings sciences, humanities, and social sciences together, to create a unique liberal arts education. Whether you are in your first two years, exploring our global Common Curriculum, or going deep into your chosen major, you will acquire the intellectual expertise and critical knowledge to become a leader in any field you choose.

Sample Student Experience at Yale-NUS

This diagram illustrates a typical learning journey here at Yale-NUS. This is a sample and individual student experiences will vary.

Common Curriculum

More than simply laying the foundation for your major, the Common Curriculum is a unique cornerstone of the Yale-NUS College experience. Students will explore a range of subjects, with the goal of developing interdisciplinary perspectives and problem solving. Through Common Curriculum courses, students are encouraged to actively engage in seminar discussions to enhance their critical thinking and communication skills. Click on the Common Curriculum classes below for more detailed course descriptions: 


After experiencing the Common Curriculum, each student will select one of our 14 different majors. We offer a diverse variety of majors, and provide students with the opportunity to delve into their individual passions through their self-directed research Capstone in Year 4.

Arts and Humanities

Study the core elements of human expression from historical, critical, comparative and practice-based perspectives.


Students will have the opportunity to explore the complex relationship between our understanding of the past and our experience of the present.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences seeks answers to questions about how life works. Students will also explore Biology's relevance to issues of human health, the environment and sustainability.


This major refines students’ capacities to interpret human experiences represented in the written word. Explore Anglophone literature, Chinese languages, ancient Greek and Latin.

Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences (MCS)

MCS will encourage active participation in flourishing developments within Mathematical Sciences, Statistics and Computational Science.


Philosophy investigates the nature of the good life and of reality, knowledge, truth & beauty. It teaches us lead rewarding & productive lives informed by philosophical reflection.

Physical Sciences

Explore some of the fundamental processes in matter, energy, space and time. You'll also gain the ability to understand physical concepts, and to solve real world scientific problems.


All majors (except Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)) offered by Yale-NUS are also available as minors. Students now have two additional Independent Minors. A minor in Chinese Studies offers a range of coursework in both the Humanities and Social Sciences, while a minor in Global Antiquity will complement majors in related fields such as Arts and Humanities, History, Literature and Philosophy.


Electives are classes which students can select, based upon their own individual academic interests, from any of our 14 different majors. They provide students with an opportunity to explore content beyond their chosen majors and the Common Curriculum. This allows for a well-rounded and diversified learning experience. Students begin by selecting one elective in their second semester. Elective classes often change each year, providing students with updated and diverse courses to choose from. Students can also elect to sign up for language courses through NUS, or other NUS courses, depending on availability and scheduling considerations. The list below provides a sample of electives offered by Yale-NUS College.

Dante and the European Middle Ages

For anyone interested in imaginative literature, journey with Dante through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise in a philological reading of his classic, Divine Comedy.

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Learn the basic principles of genetics. This course emphasises classical genetic techniques and how genetics is used to gain understanding of whole organisms.

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Integrative Music Theory 1

This comprehensive introduction to musicianship and musical understanding allows students to develop their abilities to play, read and understand music.

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Introduction to Urban Studies

Study the evolution of cities - why do they form? What functions do they serve? How does this change from one time to another and from one context to another?

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Principles and Tools of Software Development

Apart from the basic principles of software development, students will also learn the principles and tools of what makes a good software developer.

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Special Programmes

Students interested in pursuing a career in law, business administration, environmental studies, or medicine can apply for one of Yale-NUS’s special programmes: the Double Degree Programme in Law and Liberal Arts in collaboration with NUS Faculty of Law, the Silver Scholars Programme with Yale School of Management, the Special Programme with Yale School of the Environment, or the Yale-NUS & Duke-NUS Liberal Arts and Medicine Pathway in collaboration with Duke-NUS Medical School.

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