Experiential Learning

Experiential Opportunities

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, and it goes beyond books, lectures and essays. At Yale-NUS, we believe that experiential learning is an integral part of the student experience. Getting outside of the classroom, to put your learning into action, provides a valuable opportunity to gain insights, functional life skills, leadership development and real-life work experience.

Learning Across Boundaries (LABs)

Learning Across Boundaries programmes provide students with hands-on learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom. LABs allow students to explore themes of the curriculum in a broader context. This distinctive faculty-led co-curricular programme is developed by the Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) in collaboration with the Yale-NUS faculty.

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Week 7: Learning Across Boundaries

During the 7th week of classes, all first-year students participate in the unique Week 7 programme. Themes from the Common Curriculum are explored in sites throughout Singapore and even in international locations. Week 7 brings to life the importance of finding connections between classroom discoveries with real-world adventures.

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Travel Fellowship

Embrace the spirit of exploration and adventure! The Travel Fellowship research programme provides opportunities for students to pursue their own summer research, in a variety of academic disciplines, around the world. Craft your own global research experience to enhance your ability to conduct self-directed research, and deepen your connection with diverse global contexts.

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Study Abroad

Embracing new perspectives and cultures is an integral part of a liberal arts education at Yale-NUS College. Study abroad programmes are an exciting way for Yale-NUS students to gain authentic international perspectives, and first-hand cross-cultural experiences.

Semester Study Abroad

Fancy studying art history in London? Or astrophysics at Yale? CIPE advisors work closely with each student to find the right programme in the right location to meet individual interests. A semester abroad is key to challenging your comfort zone, increasing your intercultural fluency and complementing your academic pursuits.

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Summer Study Abroad

The summer break offers exciting opportunities for personal growth and reflection. From learning Japanese in Nagoya to studying French cinema in Paris, summers are a time for fresh encounters and new experiences. Find a programme that's perfect for you and enrich your educational experience.

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Incoming Exchange & Visiting Students

Cross-cultural exchanges take place all-year round on campus. Yale-NUS College welcomes incoming exchange and visiting students for up to two semesters as part of their undergraduate degree programme.

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Leadership Development

Yale-NUS is committed to developing next-generation leaders – diverse and passionate students, who are ethical and effective change agents. We help students understand that good leaders don’t just lead, they also follow, listen and value teamwork. The Leadership and Global Citizenship Programme draws from the traditions of leadership and management theory, while also remaining anchored in the Social Change Model of Leadership development.


Push your intellectual limit, and enrich your education, while delving deeper into your passions through research and travel. Fellowships are an opportunity to develop and serve as a leader in an academic or professional field, while pursuing valuable research and academic experiences around the world.

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Leadership Certificate

The leadership certificate is an intentional and experiential sequence of opportunities available to every student to learn and apply leadership skills. Participants will clarify personal values, translate values to action, and generate impact through coursework, student-driven projects, public interest and community service programmes during their time at Yale-NUS. The certificate aims to produce leaders who drive social change in their respective communities.

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Leadership in Action

Stand up, speak up and step up. Effective leadership demands courageous personal growth and the ability to build and sustain relationships through serving others. Test your mettle by taking on leadership roles in meaningful initiatives, both on and off campus.

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Learn more about CIPE

Change is the only constant in this complex and diverse world. At Yale-NUS, we feel that it’s important to equip our students with the skills and expertise to navigate these changes. Through CIPE, our students gain the knowledge and ability to continuously reinvent themselves so they can move between worlds with ease, confidence and humility.

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