All Singapore Permanent Resident and International students who have opted to take up the Tuition Grant are required to work 3 years in a Singapore registered entity upon graduation from Yale-NUS. Students who wish to work overseas for a non-Singapore entity or who wish to pursue graduate studies without completing the three-year work obligation are required to submit a Banker’s Guarantee (BG). The value of the BG is equivalent to the Tuition Grant provided (pro-rated if part of the three-year obligation has been served).

Students on the Pathway will be joining Duke-NUS immediately after graduating from Yale-NUS, without having served any part of the three-year obligation. As a requirement, students must submit a Banker’s Guarantee equivalent to 20% of the full value of Tuition Grant provided. In addition, students may serve the (deferred) three-year work obligation concurrently with the five-year service commitment required by the Ministry of Health, after graduating from the Duke-NUS MD programme.