Please review the following thoroughly:

a) Applicants to Yale-NUS College will be invited to submit a Supplemental Essay for the Yale-NUS & Duke-NUS Liberal Arts and Medicine Pathway through the Yale-NUS Student Applicant Portal. The essay must be submitted by the stated deadline:
Round 1: 1 February
Round 2: 1 April

The Yale-NUS College Application (with all required documents), together with the Supplemental Essay, will be considered as a complete application for the pathway. No additional materials are required.

b) Completed applications will be reviewed by both Yale-NUS and Duke-NUS. A select number of students will be invited for separate interviews with Yale-NUS and Duke-NUS. Interviews with both institutions are required for admission to the pathway.

Note: It is possible to be selected for an interview with Yale-NUS but not Duke-NUS. This will not have an effect on admission to Yale-NUS College.

c) After completion of interviews with both Yale-NUS and Duke-NUS, a limited number of applicants will be selected for the Yale-NUS & Duke-NUS Liberal Arts and Medicine Pathway. Admission to Yale-NUS College does not ensure admission to the pathway. All students who apply for the Pathway will be notified of their admission to both Yale-NUS College and to the pathway.

In order to join the pathway, a student must be admitted to both Yale-NUS College and the pathway, and must accept a place at Yale-NUS College.