Your merit scholarship and/or financial aid will continue to be disbursed in semester(s) you are abroad, as long as:

1) you are paying tuition fees to Yale-NUS College that semester; AND

2) 100% of your credits earned that semester go towards a degree awarded by Yale-NUS College.

Although students will not be paying Yale-NUS residential college fees during this time, they will continue to receive the full value of the study award/merit scholarship, and any balance left after paying Yale-NUS tuition fees should be used to pay residential fees at the host college.

The above applies to a student’s first semester abroad but may not apply if the student wants to spend a second semester abroad. Students who spend a second semester abroad typically pay fees directly to their host college and not to Yale-NUS. Therefore, students who spend a second semester abroad may not receive funding from their study awards or merit scholarships.