Duke-NUS utilises a holistic admissions review process that is individualised to each applicant. Broadly speaking, the admission process takes into account a combination of academic accomplishments, and personal attributes and experiences.  The final admissions decision will be based on the following criteria:

1.  Cumulative Grade Point Average – as an indication of academic performance.
2.  Complete the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) exam by September of the year prior to entry.
3.  Complete meaningful clinical/medical and service experiences throughout their undergraduate years (in consultation with an advisor at Yale-NUS College).
4.  Expected to conduct themselves professionally. If concerns should arise at any time regarding a student’s academic performance or personal/professional development, the student may be reviewed by the Duke-NUS MD Admissions Committee resulting in action up to and including withdrawal from the offer.
5.  Submit the Duke-NUS MD application and all required application materials to the Duke-NUS Admissions Department by the specified deadlines.
6.  Successful graduation from Yale-NUS College.

Students accepted into the pathway are also required to participate in engagement activities at Duke-NUS during their second through fourth years of college.  For a list of the activities, please refer to our website.