A Yale-NUS education features the Common Curriculum that all undergraduates take, which encourages critical, creative, and active thinking through a range of subjects including comparative social inquiry, philosophy and political thought, quantitative reasoning, and more in the first two years with no prescribed majors.

In the third year, students confirm a major in order to gain deep knowledge in one area of study, while taking electives in other disciplines that give them an appreciation of how the sciences, social sciences and humanities all play a role in the practice of medicine.

Under the guidance of both their Yale-NUS major adviser and Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) staff adviser, students will also gain academic and non-academic experiences throughout their undergraduate programme that strengthen their commitment to the field of medicine in a broad sense. Students can expect to stay engaged with Duke-NUS through periodic meetings with Duke-NUS faculty on campus and invitations to activities designed to provide insights into the medical school experience and a career in medicine. A general overview of the mentorship and enrichment activities is below.

Mentorship and Enrichment Activities:
– Close guidance by designated staff from Yale-NUS Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) staff
– Duke-NUS Medical Specialties Workshops
– Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership
– Community Projects