Yale-NUS Financial Aid is offered in order to ensure that all of our students have access to the unique experiences of a Yale-NUS education. Our Financial Aid philosophy is based on the principle that paying for a college education should be a partnership between students, their families and the College. We know that each student’s circumstances will differ, and that’s why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. You can be assured that your individual circumstances will be considered in the Financial Aid application process. And we will be here to answer any questions you may have.

Types of Financial Aid Available

Merit-based Scholarships

Merit-based Scholarships are awarded to exceptional students who show excellence through their admission application. Scholarships are awarded in recognition of success in academics, extracurricular involvement and leadership. These qualities are assessed in our holistic admission review and, as such, a separate application for merit scholarships is not required. Simply apply to Yale-NUS College and you will automatically be considered for the scholarships listed below.

Annual Award Amount
Period of Award

Yale-NUS Global Leader Scholarship


100% subsidised tuition fees

100% residential college fees

S$3,500 per year living and book allowance

One-time S$2,000 computer allowance

One-time S$10,000 overseas student exchange programme fund

4 Years

Yale-NUS Faculty Scholarship



4 Years

Yale-NUS Dean Scholarship



4 Years

Donors’ Merit Scholarships

Donors’ Merit Scholarships are provided through generous gifts from donors and organisations to recognise the outstanding achievements of our students. Please click here for a list of Awards. A separate application is not required for Donor Scholarships.

Need-based Study Awards

At Yale-NUS, one size does not fit all. That’s our approach to study awards. From the admission process, we know you are an individual and that means the way you will financially support your college education is individual as well. We believe in working with each student, one-on-one, to ensure Yale-NUS is an affordable option for a truly unique educational experience.

Need-based Study Awards are available to students from all backgrounds, regardless of nationality, and will have no bearing on your admission to Yale-NUS. Study Awards are determined based on your family’s ability to contribute to the Cost of Attendance at Yale-NUS (tuition fees, Residential College fees and other miscellaneous fees). Financial Aid Awards may consist of the following:

  • Yale-NUS Study Award: Grants provided by Yale-NUS College to assist students who require financial assistance to attend the College. This award may be used to reduce the cost of both tuition and Residential College fees. The amount awarded will vary and is dependent on the financial circumstances of the student’s immediate family.

  • Donors’ Study Award: Grants made possible by the generosity of individuals and organisations who support the mission of Yale-NUS. A list of Donor Study Awards is provided below.

  • Family Contribution: The Financial Aid Office will evaluate family income, number of persons in the household and local cost of living in order to determine an appropriate Family Contribution towards the Cost of Attendance at Yale-NUS.

  • Student Effort Contribution (SEC): The SEC, valued at $1,500, recognises Yale-NUS’s belief that funding for education is a partnership between the student, his/her family and the College. The Student Effort Contribution represents the opportunity for students to contribute to their Yale-NUS experience through on-campus employment, external employment, or other sources of individual funding such as savings. Please click here for more details on the SEC.

Yale-NUS is committed to offering Need-Based Study Awards without the inclusion of loans. This affords students the opportunity to graduate from Yale-NUS without a burden of debt.

Those applicants who have been shortlisted for an interview will be invited to complete the Financial Aid Application. As circumstances may change each year, Yale-NUS students will be asked to reapply annually so we can offer the most comprehensive Study Award appropriate.

Donors’ Need-Based Study Awards

Donors’ Need-based Study Awards are provided through generous gifts from donors and organisations to provide financial support to those who require financial aid to attend Yale-NUS. Please click here for a list of Awards.

Tuition Grant (TG) Scheme

The Tuition Grant (TG) Scheme is offered by the Government of Singapore to international and Singapore permanent resident students pursuing a course of study at Yale-NUS. The TG Scheme offers a subsidised tuition rate and comes with a three-year work obligation upon graduation. In order to satisfy the work obligation, students must work for a Singapore entity or an overseas affiliate while remaining on the Singapore payroll. All earnings within the three-year work period will be kept by the student. 

Students who opt to take up the TG Scheme will be required to sign the Tuition Grant Agreement. Further information will be provided upon confirmation of enrolment at Yale-NUS. 

Students who opt not to take up the TG Scheme will be required to pay unsubsidised fees, which includes the relevant Supplementary Fee, but will not have a work obligation upon graduation.

Note that Yale-NUS financial aid does not apply to the Supplementary Fee. A loan, however, is available to qualifying students for the same amount. Further details about the loan and eligibility can be found here

For additional information on the TG Scheme, please refer to these FAQs.

The Financial Aid Application Process

Applying for Financial Aid is easy. Once shortlisted for an admission interview, applicants will have access to the Financial Aid Application page through the Yale-NUS Applicant Status Page. Deferred matriculants (those serving National Service or on a gap year) will receive notification of the opening of the Financial Aid Application in January of their intended matriculation year.

  • Step 1: Log in to the Yale-NUS Applicant Status Page to access the Financial Aid Application page and review required documents.

  • Step 2: Gather all supporting documents in soft copy.

  • Step 3: Complete the application form and upload required supporting documents. The form will ask for information about your household, immediate family members, their employment status, their gross annual income, etc.

  • Step 4: Submit the form or save it for later submission.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines



Round 1:
24 February

Round 2:
8 April

Deadline: 1 April


Round 1:
24 February

Round 2:
8 April


Deadline: 1 April

In order to receive your admission and financial aid decisions on the same day, please be sure to submit your Financial Aid Application by the stated deadlines.

If your submission is incomplete or is submitted after the deadline, financial aid details may be released after the admission decision.

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