At Yale-NUS, our Financial Aid philosophy is based on the principle that paying for a college education should be a partnership between students, their families and the College. Yale-NUS is committed to the belief that deserving students should not face economic barriers to their education. The same belief informs our need-blind admissions policy, which ensures that students are admitted to the College based on merit and potential for success at Yale-NUS, and not based on their ability to pay school fees.

Our Need-based Study Awards ensure that Yale-NUS remains an affordable option. We work with students individually, to determine their needs when it comes to financial support. We seek to understand each student’s unique situation, and provide guidance to help the student stay enrolled and on the path towards graduation.

Our financial aid is based on a full academic year. This means that students apply once a year and the study awards are granted for a full academic year. In cases where students face an unexpected change in financial status, the best course of action is to visit the Financial Aid Office. Returning Yale-NUS students will be asked to submit an annual Financial Aid Application between 1 March and 1 May in order to allow the College to accurately assess any changes in financial resources. Those who have not previously received financial aid are welcome to apply in subsequent years.

Merit scholarships are awarded to students at the time of admission to the College and are awarded in recognition of student achievement in academics, extracurricular involvement and leadership. All applicants to Yale-NUS are carefully considered for merit scholarships, but only a small number of scholarships are awarded. Merit scholarships are not awarded to returning students. However, students are encouraged to explore scholarship opportunities through government organisations, religious and/or community groups, and private companies.

The Financial Aid Office remains available to students throughout their time at Yale-NUS College. Students are encouraged to contact our team with any questions during the application process and throughout their time at Yale-NUS.

General Tips

If your child is applying to more than one college, he or she should complete and submit a financial aid application package to each college. Financial aid letters will reveal how much you would need to pay after any grants and scholarships.

Not all colleges follow the same format and provide the same information so it can be challenging to make a direct comparison. To make a fair comparison, it is useful to consider the following:

  • Look at each college’s total cost of attendance.

  • Subtract scholarships and grants which do not need to be repaid. This will show your net price per year.

  • Include all expenses. This includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, travel, laundry and other living expenses.

  • Consider any major costs that might exceed the averages. For example, the cost of plane tickets.

  • If you have another child who will start college before this one graduates, that would also add to your cost.

For specific information on the types of awards available at Yale-NUS, click here. For additional information on the Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS), please refer to these FAQs and the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) TGS site.

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